"Let the Dream be Your Wings"

Menschen auf einer Bühne in Bewegung

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22. Oktober 2021
Playback Performance
hansa48 - Hansastraße 48, 24118 Kiel
20.00 Uhr
No entrance fees // Language: Arabic, English, German

A playback performance with the participants of the afternoon workshop and the Playback Theatre group “Faces of Change”. Together with Hani Al Rstoum and Shadi Alaiek they will sail together in the world of stories. The team of the performers will be a mixed team from Germany, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. Enjoy personal, emotional, but also fun stories told in Arabic, English and German.

Hani Al Rstoum and Shadi Alaiekare Syrian Artists and Cultural Activists now resident in Belgium. They have been practicing and applying different form of Arts on the social field in Lebanon and Iraq. Shadi is a professional Clown and a Woodcut Printing specialist, with three years of experience in Playback Theatre. Hani is a psychotherapist and a theatre maker, with seven years of experience in Playback Theatre. Hani and Shadi collaborated in many projects for children and adults in Lebanon and in Iraq. They are both mega excited to explore new possibilities in working with refugees and local communities using differentforms of arts in Europe and the world.

Faces of Change is a Playback Theatre Group of ZEIK based in Kiel. The group works according to the method of Playback Theatre, in which the audience plays an important role: Playback Theatre is a special form of improvised theatre in which the actors spontaneously performpersonal stories of the audience. Moving images, scenes and music are “played back” to the narrator - this is where the name Playback Theatre originates. This can open up different perspectives for those present, they get to know each other better and have the opportunity to hear personal stories firsthand and experience them through the presentation on the stage.

Sign-Up: info@hansa48.de